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Dresslands Employee Profile – Kerri Coleman

Kerri Coleman is current Team Leader for Technical Consulting for DressLands, Inc, San Francisco. He is a detail-oriented worker with a passion for quality and engineering excellence. Kerri Coleman is a strong presentation and leadership skills possessor with more than 9 years programming experience. Previous positions include PHPS/Object-Oriented Programmer with Oracle, and Employee Evaluator for the InnerCity Network of the City of Chicago. Kerri Coleman received a BS in Consulting from the University of East Texas and an MBA from the University of Nevada, Reno. At DressLands, Kerri Coleman is also responsible for the sales of the following products: Chiffon Mini Dress – See Through Lace / Off White / Cold Shoulder, Velvet Mini Dress – Red / Halter Style / Rhinestone Neck Detail / Body Shaping, Sheath Dress – Long Sleeves / Medium Pink / Slit Neckline, Slipover Mini Dress – Two Shades of Blue / Long Sleeves, Wrap Dress – Long Sleeves / Dark Grey / Pleated, Chiffon Mini Dress – Cold Shoulder Style / Shades of Blue / Short Flirty, Loose Fitting Soft Chiffon Open Shoulder Dress – Black, Chiffon Mini Dress – Floral Print / Ruffled Bodice, Black Evening Dress – Scoop Neckline / Floor Length / Sleeveless, One Shoulder Dress – Purple / Rhinestone Accent / Satin Banding / Loose Fit Chiffon, Long Sleeve Cotton Dress – Gray / Zipper Hem Detail / Topstitched, High-Low Dress – Solid Black / Long Sleeves / Loose Comfortable Fit, Slim Fitting Dress – Bright Yellow / Sleeveless / Slit Hemline / Round Neckline, Midi-Length Vintage Dress – Red / Full Skirt / Wide Panel Waistline, Black Mini Dress – Lace Sleeves / Contrasting White Lace Trim, Midi Length Sheath Dress – Cherry Print / Black Red / Empire Waistline, Red Plaid Dress – Slim Black Belt / Round Neckline, Long Sleeve Chevron Maxi Dress – Black and White / Stripes, Maxi Chevron Dress – Black Coral / Long Sleeves / Wide Round Neckline and Alluring Bodycon Dress – Solid Black / Mesh Inserts and Cutouts.
Besides working at DressLands.com Inc., Kerri Coleman also maintains the website of venturemagazine. Venture is the magazine with all the latest information on Intelligence in the business world. You will receive in-depth analysis about the latest trends as well as the news that affects you. Written for Jordan’s creative agents of change as well as the forward-thinking, this publication follows trends, including those in the technological world.
About the articles of /2014/09/spreading-e-commerce-with-shopgo/
ShopGo provides help for businesses throughout Jordan to get the assistance they need so they can compete online as well as in their brick and mortar establishment. They help with setting up online payment systems, website design and technical support. They are now setting their sights on helping those in the rest of the developing world. … ShopGo sales are now growing at around 30 to 40 percent year-on-year…

About the articles of /2014/11/ignatius-isis/
Kerri Coleman Ignatius shares his opinions about what is going on in the Middle East in an interview with Venture. The former columnist at the Washington Post gives his opinion about Islamic State militants (ISIS) as well as the role they play in the Middle East and other topics. See what the columnist and celebrated author has to say. …. If the region heads in that direction, it’s just going to be a downward cycle of increasing poverty and radicalization..

About the articles of /2014/07/going-nuclear/
The energy crisis in Jordan has an answer, but much to the chagrin of many the answer may be nuclear. The nuclear program for Jordan includes the training of those who can operate the reactor as well as clearing the approval of actually using the generator that is already purchased by the government and waiting to be used. … He believes that young Jordanians will be more than capable of running nuclear reactors in Jordan and elsewhere in the region…

About the articles of /2014/12/water-worry/
The water poverty situation in Jordan has reached an all-time high. Previous the third most water poor country in the world, the country is now the second most water poor. Much of this is due to the fact that the water resources only produce enough water to support 3 million people, but there are 10 illion in the population right now. … The onus should be on water operators to employ a comprehensive and continuous strategy to manage and repair leaks….

About the articles of /2014/09/going-with-go/
Go by OSN is a massive project by which all of the premium content offered by OSN is available to subscribers across multiple platforms. When asked why they decided to launch this new system, the company admits they realize people utilize everything from computers to tablets to phones and even televisions to watch programming.(by Kerri Coleman) …. Coupled with the increased ease of access to Internet is the adoption of smartphones and tablets..

About the articles of /2015/01/dealing-disaster/
Disasters can happen at any time and at any place. The problem is that most businesses don’t have systems in place for when disaster does strike. This was brought to the fore when the snow storm Huda hit Jordan and forced many businesses to halt operations. Creating a sound business plan for disaster will help you to weather the storm. … Essentially, this involves mapping out the worst-case scenarios and analyzing the likelihood of each risk….