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Also known as the "cold shoulder look," our collection of off the shoulder dresses can take you from daytime wear into the evening in grace and style. Wrap up your party ensemble with our cheap off the shoulder dresses. You will love all the attention that you will receive! Silhouettes that the plunge in lamé or top-to-bottom, glamorous sequins. We have off the shoulder work dresses, skater dresses, party dresses, mini dresses, maxi dresses, wedding apparel, bodycon dresses, evening dresses and a complete line of off the shoulder dresses for plus size women.

Off the shoulder dresses can be as formal or casual as you would like. They come sleeveless, or with full or partial sleeves. They can be constructed from any type of fabric from velvet to denim, and they are beautiful. Indescribably beautiful. You will love our exquisite collection of cheap off the shoulder dresses, and will swear they were made just for you.

Our collection of off the shoulder dresses contains mermaid style dresses that create a sleek silhouette. Select a crinkle taffeta and an off the shoulder neckline as a flattering addition to your wardrobe. Choose one with a train for a more dramatic look. Add to the drama with cheap off the shoulder dresses in an African print, or create a more demure appearance with a solid black velvet off the shoulder dress. There are an amazing number of fabulous choices in our extensive collection of fine dresses.

Another timeless classic in off the shoulder dresses, is the Bardot style dress. Join the fashion revolution this year ad this style makes its way across the world and into our hearts. The coy, flirty Bardot dress is currently trending in the most important fashion houses, evoking images of Brigitte Bardot. Select your favorites from among our mini, midi and skater style off the shoulder Bardot dresses for a look that is sure to leave a lasting impression. If they are good enough for the A-List, our collection of cheap off the shoulder dresses is good enough for us. Score instant style points with the latest necklines to refresh your occasion wear.

We have many off the shoulder dresses that are appropriate to wear as wedding gowns. If you are a wedding guest, a short, fitted, off the shoulder dress in lace with elegant long sleeves can provide the ticket to a successful ensemble. Regardless of your off the shoulder dresses selections, we know you will love what you purchase in our exclusive dress collection. They are impeccably tailored to bring you the best, most feminine selection available anywhere.