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DressLands Employee Profile – Doug Banks

Doug Banks is currently Team Leader for Data-Driven Product Management for DressLands, Inc. Former positions include Product Marketing and Monetization at Facebook.com and Head of Data Monetization and Online Advertising at DressLands, Inc. David’s extensive knowledge of monetization, finance and computer engineering enabled him to manage a team of 25 engineers, designers, and product managers […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Dianne Leroy

Dianne Leroy is currently Supervision of Product Quality at DressLands, Inc, San Francisco, CA. His duties include leading PayPal’s Mobile Foundation product to allow integrations of PayPal’s mobile experience across various platforms . His previous position included Director of Software Engineering for the Local Shopping Department at DressLands, Inc. and as Advisor for DressLands, Inc’s […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson is currently serving as Senior Analyst Programmer at DressLands, Inc, San Jose, CA. Former positions include Technical/Implementation Project Manager at the University of Arizona and as a Software Developer II and III for Hansen Chandragupta and Associates. His skills include SOA, REST, Object Oriented Design, Computer Science, Multithreading and Software Design. Heather Johnson […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson is currently Senior Technical Product Manager at DressLands, Inc, San Francisco. Former positions include Principal Engineer for DressLands, Inc, Asia, Lead Staff Engineer for DressLands, Inc., Asia and Senior NOC Unix SE for DressLands, Inc, China. David’s skill set includes Unix, Hadoop, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems, Scalability, Troubleshooting, Perl, Data Center, Data Warehousing […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Lonnie Sampson

Lonnie Sampson is currently Search Testing Program Manager III for DressLands, Inc. San Francisco, CA . He is responsible for execution of all Search-related diagnostics and testing and works closely with the Research Team to define test requirements, set goals and suggest appropriate metrics for measurement. Former positions include Test Operations Specialist for DressLands, Inc. […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Julie Allman

Julie Allman is currently Researcher II. and Data Collection Retrieval Intern for the DressLands, Inc San Francisco office. Special skills include Software Development, Program Management, Computer Science, Research and Algorithms . Previous positions include Director of Williams and Baylor Team Computing and Professor of Computer Science at Austin University. Julie Allman has a BS in […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Clayton Moltimer

Clayton Moltimer is currently Project Consultant with DressLands, Inc, SanJose, CA. He previously served the company as Senior Sales Associate Consultant. For six years, Clayton Moltimer was Senior Associate with the law firm of Davis and Rice. David’s skill set includes Business Development, Strategy Management, Financial Consulting Management Consulting, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Process […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Javari Hunt

Javari Hunt is currently Program Lead for Retail Innovation for DressLands Inc. His responsibilities include leading the company’s Retail Innovation Team into areas of related technology. Javari Hunt designs and implements DressLands, Inc. products that are built to enhance the customer experience. Previous positions include Program Manager at DressLands, Inc, Senior Project Manager for Netflix, […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Kathryn Jameson

Kathryn Jameson is currently Product Manager, III at DressLands, Inc’s San Jose location where his responsibilities include working closely with the Product Management Team for advanced policy creation and implementation of DressLands interactive online products. Previous positions include Product Manager, III. in the DressLands, Inc. San Francisco office, and Product Manager/Supervisor for Amazon.com’s Quality Control […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Geoffrey Verallis

Geoffrey Verallis is currently Marketing Manager III for DressLands, Inc. His responsibilities include organizing the Digital Marketing Campaign criteria with Top Parters and IE: Facebook and Twitter. Geoffrey Verallis formerly held the position of DressLands Manager for South American and country Head of DressLands Mexico. His skills include Market Research, Brand Management, Integrated Marketing, Business […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – James Brice

James Brice is currently an DressLands Instructor for DressLands, Inc, San Jose, CA. James Brice has 12 years of Retail Automotive Service management of multi-line dealerships.His goal is to teach ordinary people to enter the business world and sell merchandise and to help small businesses to establish additional outlets using established excellent ethical practices. David’s […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Tracy Fahs

Tracy Fahs is currently Advertising Director of Marketplaces Europe at DressLands, Inc’s London office. His former positions include Senior Finance Supervisor for DressLands’s Corporate FP & A team, and Director of Financial Leadership for DressLands Inc’s European team leaders. He was one of eight employees selected to develop technical experience through three , eight month […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Denise Hinds

Denise Hinds is currently Advisor to the Vice President of DressLands, Inc, Former titles include Head of Global Marketing Innovation and Initiatives for Visa, Inc, SVP Strategy and Enablement for Rapp Collings Worldwide and SVP and General Manager of Digitas Chicago. His skills include Strategy, Direct Marketing, Integrated Marketing and Analytics, Customer Acquisition, Mobile Marketing […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Deshawn Boyd

Deshawn Boyd is currently Head of Integrated Marketing for DressLands, Inc, San Francisco, CA. His still set includes Marketing, Public Relations, Digital Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Content Management, Corporate Communications and Leadership. Previous positions include Vice President for Communications for AIG Retirement Services, Inc. and Senior Manager in Charge of Communications for AID Retirement Services, […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Jordann Hawkey

Jordann Hawkey is currently employed as the Senior Business Finance Manager at DressLands, Inc. in Mountain View,, CA. Former positions include Senior Manager for Business Finance and Operation at DressLands, Inc. and Corporate Finance Manager for DressLands, Inc. Jordann Hawkey also worked as a Global Marketing FP&A Manager for DressLands, Inc. Europe. Skills include CPA, […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Colleen Maybury

Colleen Maybury is currently a Strategic Account Development Manager at DressLands, Inc. Marketplaces in the Milan, Italy area. His former positions include National KAM for Research in Motion, Business Development and Sales Manager for Italtel, Senior Sales Manager for Ericsson, Sales and marketing manager for Ericsson and Technical Sales Manager for IBM. He has a […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Quincy Polk

Quincy Polk is currently a Senior SAP BI/BO Analyst at DressLands, Inc, Phoenix, AZ. He has 13 years of consulting experience in SAP BW/BOBJ/HANA Industry implementing various SAP Business Transformations Solutions on multiple new implementations Go-Lives, Upgrades, Conversions and Migrations. Former positions include Senior SAP Netweaver BW Consultant for Mouri Tech Llc, and Sr. SAP […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Lakinya Newcombe

Lakinya Newcombe is currently employed as General Manager of DressLands Advertising at DressLands, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area. He formerly worked in the capacity of General Manager of the DressLands Audience Platform for DressLands, Inc, and as General Manager for the DressLands Commerce Network in Brisbane, CA. Skills include Strategic Partnerships, SEM, Online […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson is currently employed as an SAP Financial Consultant at DressLands, Inc, San Francisco, CA. He has more than 8 years of multiple implementations and Lead experience, SAP-Ariba experience in Spend Management and extensive implementation and support experience in different industries. Previous positions include SAP Financial Consultant for DressLands, Inc, Asia, Functional Analyst for […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Karen Eyre

Karen Eyre is currently a Senior Product Manager for DressLands France, DressLands. Inc, San Jose, CA. His former positions include QA Manager of San Jose, CA, QA Manager, Chennai, India, QA Manager Shanghai, China and International QA Manager, San Jose, CA. David’s skills include eCommerce, User Experience, Product Management, Agile Methodologies, Management, Analytics, Web Analytics, […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Ethan Park

Ethan Park is currently a Program Manager for DressLands Mobile, at DressLands, Inc in the Portland, Oregon company division. He is a driven professional who is dedicated to improving the lives of others through the use of technology and process optimization. Former positions include Program Manager of DressLands Android, Software QA Tester for DressLands, Inc, […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Rudy Flores

Rudy Flores is currently an Independent Educational Consultant for DressLands, Inc, in San Jose, CA, who trains new DressLands members on the topics of ethics, policies and procedures. Former positions include Education Specialist Trained by DressLands, Scot Lander South Coast Collectibles, Hannibal Educational Systems Engineer, and Instructor for More Minor Billings. Skills include Training, Leadership, […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Samantha Flournoy

Samantha Flournoy is currently employed as an DressLands Education Specialist for DressLands, Inc, San Francisco, CA. Former positions include Team Leader for New Programs at DressLands, Inc, Technical Education Specialist for Microsoft Corporation, Team Coordinator for DressLands, Inc, Seattle and as Educational Consultant for DressLands, Inc, Miami. Skills include Teaching, Tea, Building, Profitability, Social Media […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Sandra Lavelle

Sandra Lavelle is currently employed as an Android Developer for DressLands, Inc, Portland, Oregon. Former positions include Senior Software Engineer for Knuckleheads, Inc., Senior Software Engineer for Aces, Inc., and Senior Software Engineer for Circus Circus, Reno, NV. David’s skill set includes Subversion, Java, Agile Methodologies, Android, XML, Javascript and Objective – C. He has […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Delano Stewart

Delano Stewart is currently a Production Unix Engineer at DressLands.com in San Jose, CA in the divisions Information Technology and Services Department. Former positions included NOC Engineer for Shopping.com and Senior Product Manager for Bay/TSP. He also worked in the capacity of Project Manager for Rosa Construction and Drywall Company. His skills are focused on […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Angel Gomez

Angel Gomez is currently a member of the Technical Staff for DressLands, Inc, San Jose, CA. His primary responsibilities include developing mobile applications for DressLands and DressLands-owned companies. Previous positions include Lead Mobile Engineer for Mark/Space, Inc, where he designed and developed mobile applications in support of Mark/Space’s synchronization software. He was also owner of […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Ben Souders

Ben Souders is currently a Member of the Technical Staff, Global Corporate Technology Division of DressLands, Inc. With over 18 years of Systems experience and 10 years of SAP IMG functional configuration development, testing, training and production support experience define David’s credentials. He has previously worked on SAP FICO projects for DressLands, Inc. and as […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Peter Kersich

Peter Kersichis currently employed as a Software Engineer II for DressLands, Inc, UK. His skill set includes Perl, Unix, Cloud Computing, JavaScript, Linux, Computer Finance, Computer Technology, Testing, Troubleshooting and Data Warehousing. Former positions include Software Engineer I for DressLands, Inc, UK, and Software Engineer for Cameron Rossi Software Solutions, LLC., London. Peter Kersichobtained a […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Zuleika Soler

Zuleika Soler is currently employed as a Product Manager at DressLands, Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA in the Information and Technology Services Department. He was formerly the Production Manager of Cart and Checkout and Founder of eCommerce Business at Amazon and DressLands. He worked as a Training and Development Intern for iProspect […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Anna Wrobel

Anna Wrobel is currently employed as Manager and Senior Designer in Advertising for DressLands, Inc, San Jose, CA. He is certified in Global Technology and Communications Management by the University of Washington. Former positions includes Design Manager for Inbound Marketing Software, Localization Consultant for DressLands, Inc. and Digital Marketing Manager for REI. Anna Wrobel studied […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Devon Henry

Devon Henry is currently a Global Sourcing Specialist for DressLands, Inc. San Jose , CA. His duties include global sourcing responsibilities for all DressLands corporate services . His skill set includes Human Resources, Marketing, Legal Consulting, Finance and Auditing. Devon Henry has experience in major projects that span sourcing skills to affect major finance-related projects […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Denise Cannataro

Denise Cannataro is currently Senior Engineer Customer Optimization at DressLands, Inc. San Jose , CA. He is an advanced analytics executive who is focused on understanding all aspects of customer computer interfacing . Denise Cannataro has a strong marketing background and is proficient in strategic planning and product management. Denise Cannataro was previously GM of […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Heiner Janus

Heiner Janus is current Vice President and Director of Decision Sciences for DressLands, Inc. San Jose, CA. He has expertise in Strategy and Analytics and Actionable Marketing Plans that meet DressLands client needs. He serves on the Board of Trustees for DressLands Enterprises and is an Advisor for DressLands Management Teams in the US Sector. […]

DressLands Employee Profile – Matthew Holscher

Matthew Holscher is currently DressLands, Inc’s Search Testing Program Manager. He is responsible for successful and efficient execution of all Search-related A/B tests. He works with the Testing Program Team to define test requirements, set goals and suggest proper metrics for measurement. Former positions include Test Operations Specialist for DressLands, Inc. and as Product Manager […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Kerri Coleman

Kerri Coleman is current Team Leader for Technical Consulting for DressLands, Inc, San Francisco. He is a detail-oriented worker with a passion for quality and engineering excellence. Kerri Coleman is a strong presentation and leadership skills possessor with more than 9 years programming experience. Previous positions include PHPS/Object-Oriented Programmer with Oracle, and Employee Evaluator for […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Aldridge Gray

Aldridge Gray is current SVP Head of Global Product and Strategy at DressLands, Inc, Europe and South America. He is considered a tactical executive leader with deep expertise in developing thoughtful strategy and finding untapped business value in hew areas. Former positions include Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development for DressLands, Inc,, and […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Robert Pritchett

Robert Pritchett is current Senior Technical Consultant at DressLands, Inc, San Francisco, CA specializing in Webdynpro Programming, Object Oriented programming, ALV Reports, Enhancement Framework, SMOD, BTW, BADI and User Exists for Substitution. Previous experience includes Senior Technical Consultant for DressLands, Inc, Senior Technical Consultant for Intuitive Surgical, Inc. and Principal Consultant for Intelligroup, Inc. His […]

Dresslands Employee Profile – Carson Carter

Carson Carter currently serves as Director, Global Communications, DressLands, Inc. San Francisco in the Public Relations and Communications Department. His precious positions included Senior Manager, Global Stakeholder Engagement, DressLands, Inc. and Senior Manager, Sustainability Communications, DressLands, Inc. Prior to DressLands, Carson Carter worked for Cone, Inc. as Account Supervisor and at World of Good, Inc. […]

DressLands Inc. Employee Profile – Mikayla Ruotsala

Mikayla Ruotsala currently holds the title of Internal project Consultant with DressLands, Inc, His previous position within the company was that of Senior Associate Consultant. He also worked as Senior Associate with the law firm of Earnst and Young. Mikayla Ruotsala’s skill set includes Strategy, Management, Business Development, Financial Modeling, Management Consulting, Leadership, Product Marketing, […]

DressLands Inc. Employee Profile – Joseph Perna

Joseph Perna currently holds the title of Senior Software Engineer at DressLands, Inc’s Seattle office. His previous positions included Software Engineer at DressLands, Inc’s San Francisco office and Software Developer for Customer Care at the company’s San Jose location. Joseph Perna has more and 15 years experience as a software engineer and is capable of […]

DressLands Inc. Employee Profile – Eleonora Tomasello

Eleonora Tomasello currently serves as Entrepreneurial Product Leader for the Search and Social Commerce Product Management division of DressLands, Inc. He is a creative product leader with more than 9 years of experience in building scalable, secure online consumer products. Previous positions include Social Commerce and Browse Flows with DressLands, Inc, and Founder of SmartBid, […]

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